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Quality glass splash backs in the Bay of Plenty

Choose a more beautiful life with superior glass splash backs from the Bay of Plenty’s highest quality glass merchants. The real benefits of the GlassKote BOP process are the almost unlimited pallet of colours available, and the consequent multitude of applications.

The product is now used for its superior quality in areas as diverse as external architectural features of buildings, design features of interiors such as foyers and feature wall trims, splash backs in the kitchen and bathroom, and as a substitute for tiles in wet areas. Call us today to see what our glass splash backs can do for your home or business.

Cost efficient

The cornerstone of the GlassKote service is time and cost-efficiency. A vast range of colours can be produced quickly and efficiently without the need to produce large run quantities.

This all means you can achieve solid or masked colour areas on glass for your next project. Whether your application is indoors or outdoors, in wet or dry areas, the GlassKote process can help you gain the desired finish. If you're looking for glass splashbacks in the Bay of Plenty area, look no further than GlassKote BOP.

Innovative process

At the heart of the GlassKote process is a scientific innovation, the GlassKote formula. GlassKote has achieved a revolutionary agent that is mixed with colour compounds to create a durable, colourfast finish for glass.

Possibilities are virtually unlimited when you take into account a range of textures such as metallic, fluorescent, opaque and translucent along with the ability to screen any graphics onto any type of glass.


The inherent durability and waterproof nature of glass splashbacks cannot be understated. Glass requires less maintenance and outlasts most current architectural finishes. It is easy to clean and doesn’t harbour germs or bacteria, as well as offering structural strength and durability. Ask our team in the Bay of Plenty about how you can get a colourfast finish for your wall.
Multiple glass splash backs in the Bay of Plenty
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